Re: [xml] LibXML and Perl

On Mon, Jun 18, 2001 at 09:51:18PM -0700, dhogan wrote:
I have included a sample of a script that is very simple.

It opens a file with valid XML and loads it into a variable

Enters a while loop.

The while loop allows you to specifie the number of iterations on the
command line. So for the number
of times you request it will....

Create a new XML::LibXML object
and calls the parser_string method on the XML

Then undefine any variable that it once used.

When I run this script it will consume an additional 10 megs per second
of memory. Is there anyone who could tell me why.

  No idea, matt answered on the Perl list it seems:

Also when I use the getSomethingByName methods (getAttributeByName, and
they are case sensitive. I thought they we supposed to be case

  Hum all XML names are case sensitive. It is part of the spec.


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