Re: [xml] [libxml1] handling of (xmlDocPtr)doc->encoding upon save ?

Le lun, jui 30, 2001, à 06:15:26 +0200, Cyrille Chepelov a écrit:

I've been able to make libxml1 produce documents with an explicit
encoding="utf-8" (note the lower case) declaration, which is almost fine 
according to section 4.3.3 of XML 1.0, but well, I would be much quieter if

Oh no ! I've been hit again :-(
Now, encoding="utf-8" according to the standard is the same as
encoding="UTF-8" and is the same as an asciish file without an encoding
declaration. But, if I set encoding="utf-8", now xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant
will think it's *not* UTF-8, and will encode the entities, making the result
(when I read it back) look like UTF-8 text shown on a latin1 console.

<begging>could libxml1 1.8.++MICRO be changed so that if doc->encoding is
present, even if xmlStrEqual(doc->encoding,"UTF-8"), that encoding spec is
written out ? Or, keep the xmlStrEqual test in xmlDocContentDump() as an
xmlStrEqual, and make the test on doc->encoding in
xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant() a xmlStricmp() (actually, the latter is
probably better)</begging>


        -- Cyrille


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