RE: [xml] Win32/MSVC Facelift

Hi there.

This way we remove the need for the .def.src and have a 
consistent way to
import/export both functions and variables.

  Okay, if Igor things it's the Right Way, then provide a patch :-)

It is not The Right Way, but it is close :-) We have two different
problematics here. The one is export/import declaration and
specification of the calling convention in the header files. The other
is the struct alignment. These two are different things.

1. Import/Export & Calling Convention Macros

If we populate the headers with these macros, then use a macro per
purpose, rather then packing the calling convention and export/import
declaration in the single macro. I mean, instead of having

  #define XMLAPI @export_decl@ @call_conv@
  #define XMLVAR @export_decl@

I would rather see

  #define XMLPUBLIC @export_decl@
  #define XMLCALL   @call_conv@

With this, each function would be preceded by XMLCALL, exportable
function would additionally end up preceeded by XMLPUBLIC and exportable
variable would be preceeded by XMLPUBLIC. Then a declaration would be a
thing far easier to understand:

  XMLPUBLIC int XMLCALL xmlSomeFunc(int arg);
  XMLPUBLIC int xmlSomeVar;

Now, that is The Right Highway, not true?

Now to the other side of the world. Even if the patch for this is
provided, I allready see myself hunting and redeclaring newly added
functions and variables across libxml headers. Sigh... Well, in the end,
doing that would perhaps be easier than keeping the .def.src up-to-date.

One thing I would like to know: I allready proposed this thing before I
made the .def.src file. Back then, I had posts against it, because few
people didn't like the idea of messing up the headers. What is making
those think otherwise now, as I see no complaints? Perhaps people don't
read this because it says 'Win32' in the subject and once the headers
are modified, the mass shall start cursing?

2. Struct Alignment

What this takes is 

  #if defined _MSC_VER
  #pragma pack(push, 8)

at the beginning of every header file and a

  #if defined _MSC_VER
  #pragma pack(pop)

at the end of every header file. Wanna have this in all headers? After a
time, one gets used to it, I must admit :-)) I am still against it, but
that is parhaps because I look at it every day and find relief when I
can see a header which doesn't begin that way :-))


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