RE: [xml] Win32/MSVC Facelift

Igor, thanks a lot for the work on win32 stuff, it's really helpful (for
me in particular but I guess for many other people as well).

Actually, I really don't remember 
why there are two files. The library builds equally good with 
either file and if you take a closer look, you shall see the 
files are identical. Can anyone remember why 
xmlwin32version.h was introduced?

The reason was: xmlversion.h is generated from by
automake. This means that you couldn't build libxml straight from CVS
checkout with MSVC. You would either have to generate xmlversion.h on
*nix or install cygwin. Not very attractive proposition for an average
MSVC user. I asked Daniel to make it possible to compile libxml and
libxslt straight from CVS under windows and he kindly generated
xmlwin32version.h for that purpose.

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