RE: [xml] Missing static modifier in 'HTMLtree.c' and 'valid.c'

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On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 03:17:15PM +0100, Henke, Markus wrote:
Hello again,

and two more midget-patches (just missing static modifier) for
libxml2-2.4.12, with greetings from the pedantic HP C/iX 
compiler... 8)

 <<HTMLtree.diff>>  <<valid.diff>> 

  Close to useless sorry ... the patches are not contextual,

Uuups, you're right, there's quite few information in that diff's.
I havn't had a look on them before posting and i had no suspicion
that the diff-tool generates such a crap...

look at them and try to tell me what they are supposed to do ...

Well, it's a triffle. In HTMLtree we have

398: static void
398: htmlNodeDumpFormat(xmlBufferPtr buf, xmlDocPtr doc, xmlNodePtr cur, int

and then

431: void
432: htmlNodeDumpFormat(xmlBufferPtr buf, xmlDocPtr doc, xmlNodePtr cur,
433:               int format) {

HP C/iX compiler requites that with a warning:
  cc: "HTMLtree.c", line 432: warning 562:
  Redeclaration for "htmlNodeDumpFormat"; "static" used.

Same for valid.c:

319: static xmlElementPtr xmlGetDtdElementDesc2(xmlDtdPtr dtd, const xmlChar
320:                               int create);


2329: xmlElementPtr
2330: xmlGetDtdElementDesc2(xmlDtdPtr dtd, const xmlChar *name, int create)

By guessing from the line number it seems you suggest to make
htmlNodeDumpFormat , I see no reason to do so !

Yep, i assume it's useless. Scrap it... 8]

  Explain, it's not usable in its current state.

Think i'm using the wrong diff-tool. However it's the only one i've by now.
Any suggestion for Win32 platform (or for MPE...8) ?


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