[xml] Re: How to make the DLLs working in Perl/Apache?

Hi there.

Sorry for the delay, the life spares me nothing these days.

I have no idea how to install libxml so that Apache can use it. The library
has not been made for a particular web server, but for use with any
application which can link to a C library.

However, there are successful stories about using libxml through a Perl
interface, which seems to be what you need. I shall therefore post this to
the mailing list in hope that someone out there can give you more competent
an answer.

Also check http://www.mdz.dk/. There is an info about how to get libxml to
run with Apache on Windows 98.


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Subject: How to make the DLLs working in Perl/Apache?

Could you please help me merging the whole dll stuff into
our installation of perl/apache on Win32 ? I need your
help _urgently_ since I need it working not only for MY
firm but also a lot of other companies.

I know to place the dll's into C:\winnt\system32 dir.

This was what I have currently done. But if I try to run a
script containing "use XML::LibXML" it simply says there's
no such module. Shouldn't it say anything other?

I tried to place the corresponding *.lib files into Perl's-Lib
dir (C:\Perl\lib\) but the system doesn't recognize those files.

My perldiver.cgi script tells me there's still no such module
installed on this computer.

How to do installation into apache/perl w32 ?? What type of
webserver are the dll's currently written for? We also have the
possibility to recompile the sources with vc5 or 6 if needed...

Thanks in advance


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