[xml] Workaround for compiling 'trio.c' with HP C/iX compiler on MPE


i doubt that this is overly interresting but anyway, here it goes:

The current C-compiler for MPE (HP C/iX) has a parser bug that terminates
compilation in an error state when it tries to resolve a macro that includes
*type* 'long double' (e.g.: va_arg(arp_pointer, long double) ).
The MPE platform doesn't support a few functions that are necessary for
therefore trio support has to be enabled. Since 'trio.c' uses the mentioned
combination of va_arg() with 'long double', the compilation of libxml2
HP has confirmed the bug and suggested a simple workaround:
It's sufficient to define a 'long double'  constant in the questionable
source code,
somewhere before 'long double' is used in a macro.
Sounds funny, but it works!
So, the following midget-patch will enables the copilation of 'trio.c' on

 * Need this to workaround a parser bug in HP C/iX compiler that fails
 * to resolves macro definitions that includes typ 'long double',
 * e.g: va_arg(arg_ptr, long double)
static const long double ___dummy_long_double = 0;

It's a diff against version 1.7 of 'trio.c', AFAIK the most recent version.
I don't know if it's worth to apply it, but i'm quite shure that it won't
anything on other platforms, so i've waived a platform specific 
'#ifdef _TARGET_MPEIX ...'

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Henke


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