Re: [xml] Assembling xml documents from multiple wsdl files

|   Since you're not using the XInclude syntax the XInclude support will be
| useless to you.

Yup, I thought it might. This '<import...>' syntax is specified in the WSDL
schema so I don't have much choice.


| ... xmlDocCopyNode() so that the proper doc information get
| propagated in the new nodes.
|   If you really know what you are doing and that there isn't troubles with
| namespaces etc... doing an xmlUnlinkNode() and simply an xmlAddChild()
| would avoid the cost of the copy. But if you're unsure, simply use
| xmlDocCopyNode() for each of the nodes in the included document and
| xmlAddChild() them to their final destination.

I assume that I just have add the top-level nodes from the source doc to the
target doc?

Many thanks for the prompt reply btw!


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