[xml] RISC OS port of libxml 2.4.3


I've put up some binaries and source for a RISC OS port of libxml 2.4.3.
The RISC OS version is different from the unix version in a couple of
ways :

  * RISC OS standard library has no unixisms or POSIXisms. Therefore all
    filing operations are through standard C FILEs, and there is no

  * RISC OS filename conventions differ significantly from unix. Paths
    are separated by . and extensions (although they're not used) by /.
    This means that all filing operations are passed through a native
    conversion process before being dealt with.

  * System variables under RISC OS use a different naming scheme to unix,
    SGML_CATALOG_FILES -> SGML$CatalogFiles; variables are categorised by
    their use.

  * In common with other RISC OS based utilities, throwback is supported.
    This allows errors and warnings to be passed to an external application
    for display and hotlinking.

I doubt very much that anyone using RISC OS is reading this list, but deja
will at least pick it up, and the diffs/sources may give an indication of
cross-platform issues.
Gerph {djf0-.3w6e2w2.226,6q6w2q2,2.3,2m4}
URL: http://www.movspclr.co.uk/
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