Re: [xml] autoconf patches to 2.4.2 (determine socklen_t type)

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 04:00:52PM -0500, xml thewrittenword com wrote:
Nothing is broken. I was just offering it as something I thought was

  Okay, well, sorry but I'm conservative in that area. I hope you're
not too frustrated but usually people with porting problems tend to
send me mail directly not through the list. And each time we touch
the detection scripts I usually get mail that I have troubles dealing
  We still have your proposal in the archive, so if there is troubles
this is not lost. Also since socklen_t detection is a real pain, the
right place to get this fixed is by integrating the tests in the 
autoconf suite, then when it's standard (and really got a lot of tests)
then it will find it's way naturally in libxml/rsync/etc. I think
that's the right approach for getting this cleaned up.


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