RE: [xml] Compiling 2.3.7

Hi there.

** In the process of using libxml.h to clean up the prolog of the
sources, the 
"#define INCLUDE_WINSOCK" in nanohttp.c and nanoftp.c were lost. I did
this #define to avoid pulling in winsock for all the sources. Any
objection to reintroducing this approach?

No objections from me. However, I see that #define INCLUDE_WINSOCK is still
there? Or am I looking at the wrong release?

** For a quick hack to enable timing in xmllint for WIN32, I suggest:
void gettimeofday (struct timeval *tv, void *p) {
    FILETIME ft;
    unsigned long microseconds;
    GetSystemTimeAsFileTime (&ft);
    microseconds = ft.dwLowDateTime / 10;
    tv->tv_usec = microseconds % 1000000;
    tv->tv_sec = microseconds / 1000000;
What's the second parameter, anyway?

The second parameter is the timezone. According to glibc, it is a

    struct timezone {
        int tz_minuteswest; /* minutes W of Greenwich */
        int tz_dsttime:     /* type of dst correction */

A while ago I have suggested this as well and have supplied a patch with
gettimeofday() implementation I found in glib of gtk. However, the final
decision was not to apply it but to keep Win32 without timing ability. Just
a thought: Does Watcom environment provide any kind of profiler? If so,
wouldn't it give better results?


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