Re: [xml] Dynamic Linkage And MSCC

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

Sure, but still, every exported function would have to carry that macro in
its declaration. 99% of the people involved in libxml2 development would not
exactly scream 'hurra' at that.

OK, I guess if that's what you've been doing for years it doesn't seem to
onerous but point taken anyway <G>.

Remember that whenever a function is added to the main code it'll need to go
into whatever .DEF system is used (if it's a serious intention to keep the
WIN32 stuff up-to-date...)

The ideal solution would be if Microsoft would introduce a compiler switch


Sort of related issues (well building the libxml2_so for WIN32 anyway):

Using the ./configure suggested in README.MSDev everything works until towards
the end when I get:

creating example/Makefile
creating libxml/xmlversion.h
sed: can't read ./libxml/ No such file or directory
creating xml2-config
creating libxml-2.0.pc
creating config.h

Is this me being stupid or is there a problem here?  Copying the into the libxml subdirectory and running again
works fine but...


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