RE: [xml] Dynamic Linkage And MSCC

Hi there.

Aye, the 'cl /EP' idea sounds fairly good. I shall give it a try.

Having said that, I'd prefer the exports to be managed without a .DEF
file! [...] #define LIBXML_DECLSPEC [...]

Sure, but still, every exported function would have to carry that macro in
its declaration. 99% of the people involved in libxml2 development would not
exactly scream 'hurra' at that.

The ideal solution would be if Microsoft would introduce a compiler switch
which would, if specified, cause the build to export all non-static symbols
without requiring a special declaration. Now that would be something, eh?
'Microsoft introduces a new command-line option in the C compiler in order
to ease the porting of libxml2 to their flagship platform...' hmm... knowing
how likely is that to happen, creating a 'cl /EP' solution seems to be a
long-term investition.


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