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Hi all,

We're struggling to identify what is causing gok's 'make distcheck' to fail. It seems that during that process, some keyboard files (.kbd) are expected in a place they are in fact missing. Does anyone here have an idea about changes that might have been made in the last 9 months or so that would affect *.kbd files?

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--- Begin Message --- I'm still hunting. My suspicion is that intltools changed since the old package doesn't distcheck, either. Have you tried contacting xml-i18n-tools gnome org?


David Bolter wrote:
Hi all,

There has been some important work done recently on GOK, and I would like to roll up a release. Mysteriously, gok's 'make distcheck' is failing. Unfortunately my auto-fu is rusty. It seems that the gok-1.x.y temporary directory gets built and while in gok-1.x.y/_build, attempts to stat gok keyboard files in the parent gok-1.x.y directory fail. I'm not sure what is going on, but perhaps some intltool changes have taken place in the last 9 months? There are some gok specific rules in intltool, related to kbd and xam files...

Anyways, that's what is holding up the gok release... I'm not comfortable uploading a tarball when make distcheck fails. If anyone can help diagnose what is going on, I appreciate it!

(BTW, I'm on "holiday" this week)


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