Re: rfc: macros/gnome-gettext.m4 change

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Darin Adler wrote:

> I don't call that "implemented" :-)

so what's missing?

> It doesn't work. So I'd say he started working on it, but didn't finish the
> feature.

I use it in Guikachu and it works (with some magic, the magic
my patch would take care of)

> > But doesn't include POTFILES.
> I don't know what you mean. The rule to generate POTFILES from
> is right there in 

Or is it?

> At least in my copy. I don't know what the gnome-gettext.m4 stuff has
> to do with anything.

we _could_ be horribly out of sync here, so let me tell you how it all
works at my site. simply includes a Makefile: dependancy that
re-runs config.status when changes. config.status simply
includes the contents of POTFILES in the Makefile, in a variable called
POTFILES (yes, it is horribly hackish -- just look at the end of

So the only point we can attack this scheme is the point where POTFILES is
generated from, which is done by configure (n.b. not by

I've given this a lot of thought, and obviously I want to fix it.

> My objection to the patch isn't the content of the patch. It's the fact that
> all other intltool features work without special gnome dependencies. The
> implementation of the [type] feature should to be done in a way that works
> fine for any package, even one that doesn't use gnome-gettext.m4.

You mean packages that use the stock gettext.m4? I don't see why any
reasonable developer couldn't be persuaded that to use intltools (which
modifies the gettext process a lot) you need a modified gettext macro as
well. Does intltool even work without AM_GNOME_GETTEXT? (I honestly don't

Of course, I'm open to ideas not involving gnome-gettext.m4. I just don't
have any.

Or maybe we could create yet-another-POTFILES-stage, so
AM_PROG_XML_I18N_TOOLS could do what's currently required to do manually:

mv -f po/POTFILES po/POTFILES.tmp
sed -e 's/\[.*\] //' < po/POTFILES.tmp > po/POTFILES

Of course this requires AM_PROG_XML_I18N_TOOLS/AM_PROG_INTLTOOLS to be run
after AM_GNOME_GETTEXT, which I'm not sure is currently the case.

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