Re: rfc: macros/gnome-gettext.m4 change

On 1/22/02 12:51 PM, "ERDI Gergo" <cactus cactus rulez org> wrote:

>> What this comes down to for me is that Kenneth invented the
>> syntax, but hasn't implemented it yet.
> it is implemented, as far as extract and merge working (I tried with
> x-i18n-t so it should work with intltools as well)

I don't call that "implemented" :-)

It doesn't work. So I'd say he started working on it, but didn't finish the

>> intltool already uses the "patch the Makefile" approach to control how
>> things are done in the po directory, and the right way to do this would be
>> to add something to the intltool patch.
> But doesn't include POTFILES.

I don't know what you mean. The rule to generate POTFILES from
is right there in At least in my copy. I don't know what the
gnome-gettext.m4 stuff has to do with anything.

>> I don't think we should touch gnome-gettext.m4 at all.
> Think about it for a minute. The patch will only fail if you have a file
> named "[*] ", with an extra space at the end.  I'd say this is quite
> rare...

My objection to the patch isn't the content of the patch. It's the fact that
all other intltool features work without special gnome dependencies. The
implementation of the [type] feature should to be done in a way that works
fine for any package, even one that doesn't use gnome-gettext.m4.

    -- Darin

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