Re: Proposal: add a _NET_WM_DESKTOP_FILE

On Wednesday, November 11, 2015 4:00:51 PM CET Thomas Lübking wrote:
More ballsy, please. There's far too many "should" in the netwm spec anyway.
Feature is optional, correct usage is not.

ok, will update. Yes, your suggestions sound better.

Since this points resolution of icons, it should ;-) be specified how the
icons are resolved, ie. precedence of the XWM hint, NET_WM_ICON or the the
icon found in the desktop service. The problem is that the window icon
might differ from the service (application) icon - maybe leading to
inconsistent representation (if eg. 64x64 is taken from NET_WM_ICON and
512x512 from the desktop service, could be *really* nasty if the
representation juggles between 128 and 130 px and you've a 128px icon from
NET_WM and a 130px downscaled from the 256px icon gained from the service

I do not object leaving that choice to the WM, but the clients need to be
aware and we should ;-) suggest resolution behavior strategies.

My opinion is it shouldn't matter for icon resolution. Windows should provide 
high res icons (yes I know it's a problem....) in the normal way. Let's not 
even start thinking about giving them an excuse to not fix that. And we don't 
want to start forcing all WMs to support this hint.


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