Re: Selection ownership for docks and panels

On Tuesday 04 January 2011 16:17:40 Sam Spilsbury wrote:
> I don't know exactly what would be the right name for this,
> considering that we might not want to be replacing entire docks
> (indeed, just the tasklist portion is the problematic part), so maybe
> it might be appropriate to have a selection method for entire docks
> (where 2 docks doesn't make sense, eg docks / panels / anything with
> unity / gnome-shell) and one for tasklists (where two docks can
> logically co-exist)
From what I understand what you want to protect is the unique information like 
icon geometry which is controlled by $whatever (it does not have to be a dock, 
Plasma can have a tasks manager on the desktop window). This means that it has 
to be about whatever you want to protect and not about the docks.

But I don't think that you want to protect the icon geometry. You try to fix 
symptoms instead of the problem. The symptoms are: two $whatever managing the 
icon geometry, but the problem is that there are two desktop shells. What I 
think what you want is a way to protect that there is more than one desktop 
shell. That is a selction for desktop shell. So you would have to do "unity --
replace" or "plasma-desktop --replace" to switch desktop shell.

What do you think about that? Does that fix what you want to achieve (just for 
the case you aren't I have some arguments against protecting the icon geometry 

Martin Gräßlin

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