On 11/22/06, Lubos Lunak <l lunak suse cz> wrote:
On Tuesday 21 November 2006 20:23, Oleg Sukhodolsky wrote:
> On 11/21/06, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
> > Oleg Sukhodolsky wrote:
> > > Not exactly.  I want to show window which is similar to window with
> > > _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_SPLASH window type (asit is treated by metacity)
> > > but not "always on top".  And this window should behaves the same ways
> > > under other WMs.
> >
> > This is just wrong. All splash screens should work the same way; there's
> > no reason yours is special. So just tell the WM that it's a splash
> > screen and don't do anything else.
> Agree, but I do not want splash screen (in term of WM), but something
> similar to it.

 So what exactly do you want, then? "as it is treated by metacity" doesn't
mean much, Metacity is not an etalon of the WM spec.

> Agree.  but my real purpose is to figure out what kind of control over the
> allowed actions I have according to the spec.

 None, it's all window manager's [*]. You can give hints, but if the window
manager decides a window will be squished and with pink elephants painted all
around it then it has every right to do so and you have (or don't have) to
live with that. Both ICCCM and EWMH guarantee very little to clients, for
various reasons. If they didn't our desktops would probably still look a lot
like Windows95 or TWM or whatever was the X GUI back then, although that
would at the same time have spared us quite some headaches, I admit.

Well, I do understand that I can not force WM to do something, but I
can provide some
hints to WM (and it's ok for me).  But how to, according to the spec,
(ask to) disable minimization, maximization, closing of the window?

Thanks, Oleg.

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