Re: Do-not-disturb protocol

On 2006-01-19, Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman Sun COM> wrote:
> I would be very cautions about implementing this in any way other than 
> focus-stealing-prevention, since I think it would cause accessibility 
> problems.  For instance, assistive technologies must be able to interact 
> with the user at all times, regardless of what other applications might 
> be running.

Ion needs to know which windows were launched from which for "smart" window
placement. If a program in frame A launches a program, and while it is
starting up, I switch to frame B, I would still usually want the window to
go in frame A instead of the active frame B when it is finally mapped.
In a more conventional WM one would probably usually want the new window 
on the same workspace as the launcher. The startup notification spec in
the usual very-specific-hints-for-the-so-called-modern-desktop fdo vein
only includes the DESKTOP hint for this.


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