Re: Do-not-disturb protocol

Tuomo Valkonen wrote:

On 2006-01-19, Lubos Lunak <l lunak suse cz> wrote:
Actually ... see . The feature is called focus stealing prevention in KDE, GNOME has an implementation of it too since some time ago.

I was thinking more along the lines of something passed in the environment,
so it would work for programs started from a terminal or just simple scripts
and so on, even remotely. Also a crucial element is a way to pass something
to the window manager that identifies the launcher window. WM_LAUNCHED_BY or
something. Of course, with there being such a property set by X programs
aware of such by any mechanism, it would be a simple matter to check for the
WINDOWID environment variable to see if we're running in a terminal and
using that instead assuming a reliable kludges to deal with launches by X
applications unaware of such protocols themselves launched from terminals.
I would be very cautions about implementing this in any way other than focus-stealing-prevention, since I think it would cause accessibility problems. For instance, assistive technologies must be able to interact with the user at all times, regardless of what other applications might be running.


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