> > 		  This is really an unacceptable way to design a new specification, especially when dealing with
> > 		  something as old as X and which has legacy applications which one wants to continue to have act
> > 		  correctly. If the purpose of this spec is to only make windows that really want focus on map
> > 		  to get it than require that *those applications* set the property to some agreed upon value or
> > 		  set of values, and that anything which does not is going to be treated in a wm consistent and
> > 		  non-annoying fashion (i.e. not given focus on map, but also not hidden and therefore requiring
> > 		  further specification to function usefully)."

With metacity, at least, legacy applications for which no hint is set
and no information can be gleaned from startup notification receive
focus on map.


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