On Friday 25 of March 2005 20:56, Alexander Strasser wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with the way EWMH fullsreen is defined in
> _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN indicates that the window should fill the entire
>         screen and have no window decorations. For example, a presentation
>         program would use this hint.
> I think to make this really useful the definition should be extended
> to force the WM to restore the original window position after fs switch
> as this would be the expected behaviour by most users and it is often tried
> to achieve by application programmers with XMoveResizing'ing the toplevel
> window to the previous position.

 The various implementations for fullscreen mode in applications do even much 
worse things that just this.

> Which is imho bad and needless when having 
> an program for managing toplevel windows (aka the Window Manager).
> Anyway it would be much better if this could be handled by the WM and
> would be defined to do so in the specs.
> I know that some WMs already implement it the way described above, but
> I think it would be better if it is explicitly stated in the specs.

 Actually I'd expect every same WM to do it that way. Is there some that 

> Patch suggestion attached.

 Fine with me.

Lubos Lunak
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