Re: EWMH Release

On Monday 11 of April 2005 05:36, Rob Adams wrote:
> There haven't been any changes to the current draft spec in a long time,
> and everyone is implementing the draft spec instead of the released spec.
> How's about putting together a timeline to get it in shape to release?
> Or maybe just declaring it done?  What still needs to be done?  Are
> there major warts we should shave off before releasing?

 Ok, it seems everybody agrees to stamping 1.3 as official, so now we need to 
actually proceed. Is here actually somebody who knows what to do and how to 
do it :) ? Editing the wiki page shouldn't be a problem, but I have no idea 
how to convert the XML source file to the WWW pages. So if you do, please 
step up. Otherwise I'll try to handle it next week (since somebody has to do 
it, and whoever says this should be aware that this somebody usually has to 
be him, right?).

 PS: Is there possibly something more to do other than adjusting the wiki page 
and creating the final 1.3 and draft 1.4 HTML versions that I'm missing?

Lubos Lunak
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Drahobejlova 27  tel: +420 2 9654 2373
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Czech Republic

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