STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION (was Re: _NET: Disabling shading)

On Wednesday 01 of October 2003 18:11, Rob Adams wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 03:24, Denis O. Mikhalkin wrote:
> > The way to notify the user about important background actions requiring
> > attention has been asked from AWT for some time but we wern't able to
> > provide the implementation since it is not widely supported. I really
> > would like to see it a part of the _NET protocol - since, as being said,
> > ugrency hint is not well supported, I think that the _NET equivalent
> > will be more respected by implementors.
> Lubos used a _NET_WM_NEEDS_ATTENTION or something like that hint when
> implementing the USER_TIME stuff for his reference implementation in
> KWin.  I had intended to use the same hint for the same purpose when I
> do the metacity implementation.  I propose that this hint be added to
> the specification.

It's proposed here:

As I already said there, I first thought about using the Urgency hint from 
ICCCM, but I eventually decided not to. I wasn't sure if it would be ok to 
set this hint from the WM, and moreover the meaning of this state is actually 
somewhat opposite to being urgent.

 Rob, if you start implementing it in Metacity, I'd first suggest talking to 
me :). The spec will actually need few more additions (timestamps in messages 
and identification who sent it, whether an app or a pager), and some of the 
mechanisms can be somewhat tricky. It's been some time since I wrote that 
proposal. I'm actually now trying to collect up all these things for 
proposing the necessary ones here.

Lubos Lunak
KDE developer
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Drahobejlova 27  tel: +420 2 9654 2373
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