Re: [RFC] _NET_WORKAREA and Xinerama

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 06:27:51PM -0800, Rob Adams wrote:
> We will probably want to make explicit in the spec that struts apply
> only to the xineramas that the window setting the strut actually
> overlaps.  So edge panels on one xinerama would set a full-width strut,
> and the window manager would take this to mean a strut across that
> particular xinerama.
> So partial-width struts would only be used for corner panels.
> Does this sound sensible to people?

To me, the reason we used struts instead of "do not cover" was to keep
the extents of the window from affecting the strut, e.g. for panels
that hide or whatever. So I think it's kind of strange to make struts

If partial-width struts are the solution, I think panels should have
to be xinerama-aware and set them explicitly partial-width matching
the xinerama heads.


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