Re: Window History Placement

>  Looks like I misunderstood one part of KWin code. But still, windows can 
> explicitly request a position, which should disable WM's placement policy,
> no?

I think so, but I guess Havoc has a different opinion.

> > The problem is not multiple SM_CLIENT_IDs per app, but rather
> non-SM-aware
> > apps, which are
> > unlikely to have either SM_CLIENT_ID or WM_WINDOW_ROLE. You probably
> don't
> > want all your
> > xterms with XTerm/xterm to come up at the same spot.
>  But then adding a new property won't help you either, as long as xterm 
> doesn't implement that one, will it?

No, but the automatic numbering mechanism will.


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