Re: base size and resize increment window manager attributes

> Where can I find the X Protocol specification?

Thats Volume 0 of the O'Reilly X series, but you may prefer to
google for X protocol.

> What do you mean by unmapping the window. If you mean hiding the window
> then this is not possible while the mouse is grabbing the window frame.

man XUnmapWindow. If you're concerned about interactively resizing the
the client eventually gets the ConfigureNotifys describing the new size and
can react 
to them by e.g. going iconic.

> > That said, the EWMH recommends setting minSize == maxSize to indicate
> that
> > a window should not be resized.
> What is EWMH?

The topic of this list, Extended Window Manager Hints, the specification
of the ICCCM-extensions shared by KDE and Gnome.

> I double checked. The actual window manager is sawfish.

I'll have a look then.


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