Re: base size and resize increment window manager attributes

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> Look at the X protocol specification for CreateWindow:
> It is probably a bug of the Xlib manual that man XCreateWindow doesn't
> mention this restriction.

Where can I find the X Protocol specification?

> It is the responsibility of the wm to manage screen real estate, including
> window sizes. It is the responsibility of the app to inform the wm about the
> window sizes it prefers to work with, by setting the hints we're discussing
> here. The wm may still resize the apps window to a size outside the
> preferred set. If this happens, the client can either cope with it or unmap
> the window.

What do you mean by unmapping the window. If you mean hiding the window
then this is not possible while the mouse is grabbing the window frame.

> That said, the EWMH recommends setting minSize == maxSize to indicate that
> a window should not be resized.

What is EWMH?

> > To be specific I am talking about /usr/bin/gnome-session as shipped
> > >from package gnome-core- from the Red Hat 7.3 distribution.

I double checked. The actual window manager is sawfish.



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