Re: Proposal for ConfigureRequest handling

> Please, not yet another overload of "Hidden".
> I think using WithdrawnState (on initial mapping only, the handling for
> later handling if WithdrawnState would not change) might be acceptable, 
at least
> for netwm apps, but probably for all...

It is still not entirely clear to my what use apps would make of begin 
able to
have a window decorated while it is still withdrawn. If the only idea is 
be able to determine the size of the decorations before making the window 
they are still facing the difficult problem of finding out which ancestor 
of their
window is the actual WM frame - think about E-style desktops or other 
creative ways
of grouping windows (pwm, ion, treewm).

On the wm side this would introduce the difficulty that a new class of 
clients is introduced.
While currently the wm can simply forget about withdrawn windows, there is 
now the new class
of windows which are already decorated, but not mapped yet.


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