Comments on 1.0pre3

I have to start by saying I think you guys did an excellent job - there's
hardly a single issue I can find in 1.0pre3:

-       I think section 4.5 should start "A list of hints describing the
        state of a window".

-       I really like the _NET_WM_PING protocol and I'm sorry we didn't
        think of it the first time round.

-       I agree with section 6.3 - its really an omission from the ICCCM
        more than a violation.  We should have specified the corner cases
        as well as the normal one.

-       Section 6.7 seems to be correct.  This is an important

-       I think section 6.8's first sentence should read "windows that
        are a part of a Window-in-Window MDI".

Sorry this took a few days.


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