Re: Comments on 1.0pre3/pre4

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Subject: Comments on 1.0pre3/pre4

> > What about windows which can't be maximized or shaded (e.g. because they
> > are
> > not decorated with a titlebar) ? This information is not currently
> > available
> > to pagers/taskbars, so they can't remove the corresponding items from
> > their
> > menus.
> That calls for another property, similar to MWM_FUNC_* and MWM_DECOR_*
> from Motif hints, which would list all the functions that could be
> performed
> on window :
> Resize, Move, Minimize, Maximize, Close
> Althou it is kinda redundand, since some of it can be set via standard X
> properties :
> Close - WM_PROTOCOLS  (don't set WM_DELETE_WINDOW if you don't want to be
> closed )
> Maximize, Resize - WM_NORMAL_HINTS ( max_width == min_width and max_height
> == min_height )

By the way, this is *not* redundant. It would be wrong for pagers/taskbars
rely on any client-provided hints for these decisions. After all, they're
hints and the WM may legitimately decide that it allows to maximize a window
even beyond the max size hints. We really must add a way for the WM to
his decisions about allowed actions to pagers/taskbars, if we want them to
grey out menu items for  non-allowed actions.


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