MUST or SHOULD in window gravity?

>Yet another posting! Gracious!
>In section 7.7 (Window Movement), right after the table,
>the 2nd sentence says "The Window Manager will place frame decorations
>in the following position...".
>The "will" here seems ambiguous.  Is that supposed to be a SHOULD or a
>A simple reading suggests "MUST" was intended, but I don't think that
>this spec should mandate something about frame decorations.
>I suggest that the "will" in this place become "SHOULD"; certainly the
>word should be replaced with SHOULD or MUST.

It has to be MUST since all that comes not from this specs, but instead
from ICCCM.
This specs simply reiterate in more details what ICCCM says, and ICCCM
mandates that
frame decorations MUST be placed in this location.

>--- David A. Wheeler
>    dwheeler ida org

Sasha Vasko

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