Re: twm? How to test [was: Re: Various comments, mostly on ImplementationNotes]

>>Matthias Ettrich writes:
>>|What's the simpliest way to test this? Since xv does it definitely
>>|ICCC; compliant window manager lets the xv image window jump whenever
>>|types 'n', right?
>>This is what happened with sawfish _before_ I changed it to (what I
>>understand as) the ICCCM compliant behaviour!
>>Now XV stays in the same position when I hit next..
>Actually it should jump. It requests NorthWest gravity, but moves self as
>if it had
>StaticGravity. As the result it should slowly shift up-left-wards.

ooops, sorry, down-right-wards

>I had to add a piece of code that would override XV gravity to be static
>(if window class is XVroot ) into AfterStep in order to prevent it from

>>|This does not happen with twm, so I guess twm doesn't do it correctly.
>>I guess this means that sawfish and twm now do the same thing.. I'm not
>>sure if that's correct or not..! :-(
>>    John

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