Re: twm? How to test [was: Re: Various comments, mostly on ImplementationNotes]

>In reference to this (above post) and the following post:
>On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Julian Adams wrote:
>> It would be a disaster if afterstep, kwin, sawfish, blackbox etc.
>> implemented differing versions of the spec, but all posted the same
>> _NET_SUPPORTED hints.
>Something to consider would be for someone to sit down and write a testing
>application (or several). It would walk through switching gravities,
>handling window movement/resizing, etc., and making sure that everything
>is compliant according to the ICCCM and this spec.
>I think it would have to be written in raw X-based code, to be portable,
>unbiased, and non-reliant upon any toolkit (Qt or Gtk, etc.). This would
>gain the benefit of making sure that all "released as supporting the new
>spec" WMs match in behavior. It would also gain the benefit of allowing
>new WMs (or DEs, for that matter) to be able to implement the spec and
>then verify themselves as compliant.
>Normally, I'd offer to do this, but my time and X-based knowledge limits
>to a prohibitive degree. This is by far an in-depth "grokking" of the
>workings of X.

I'd imagine this would be very useful - but might be time consuming. Didn't
Bradley Hughes post a link to a reference C++ implementation ? If this could
be updated maybe then it'd be almost as useful.


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