Re: Various comments, mostly on Implementation Notes

>|>(Perhaps we should also think about the fact that the ICCCM does not
>|>expose any way of determining what the current location of a window
>|>is in a way that could be saved and then later used for a newly
>|>mapped window to restore the same position.
>I thought that:
> - wm's had to generate synthetic configure-notify events containing
>the root-window relative position of the top-left corner of the client
>window, and,
> - specifying Static gravity when placing the window will position the
>top-left corner of the client window in the specified position on the
>root window
>so doesn't that solve the problem without crawling up the window
>hierarchy, or have I misunderstood the ICCCM? (again!)
>    John

Windows in question are those that need to use different gravity.
You can't really force all GTK clients to use Static gravity, and at
the same time, most of them will want to save their position for later use.

>(btw, I've changed sawfish to do the ICCCM-compliant move thing, apart
>from fixing XV positioning, I've noticed no other differences. Does
>anyone have a list of applications that I could test against??)

Try :

rxvt -g -100-100

and then change font size in it:
Shift+Gray+, Shift+Gray-

left bottom corner should stay put.

Sasha Vasko

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