Re: Various comments, mostly on Implementation Notes

|>(Perhaps we should also think about the fact that the ICCCM does not
|>expose any way of determining what the current location of a window
|>is in a way that could be saved and then later used for a newly
|>mapped window to restore the same position.

I thought that:

 - wm's had to generate synthetic configure-notify events containing
the root-window relative position of the top-left corner of the client
window, and,

 - specifying Static gravity when placing the window will position the
top-left corner of the client window in the specified position on the
root window

so doesn't that solve the problem without crawling up the window
hierarchy, or have I misunderstood the ICCCM? (again!)


(btw, I've changed sawfish to do the ICCCM-compliant move thing, apart
from fixing XV positioning, I've noticed no other differences. Does
anyone have a list of applications that I could test against??)

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