WM Spec Meeting

Greets all. Well, basically, here's the deal: the GNOME people are planning
on a new major release, and we're on the agenda items. I'm sure most of you
are familiar with the details. If not, try going to:


And you'll see that we're on there. They have us down for a November
timeframe for specification delivery.

I think we can meet that goal. I think that if we continue as we have of
late, however, we will fail by far. We need to get back into being involved
in this project like we were in the beginning. I wish I had been able to
avoid the 3 weeks I was in Virginia, but the fact is, I couldn't.

What we need to do, is to have an IRC meeting to discuss the attack plan
of how we will proceed in the future in regards to this spec. We have never
solidly nailed down the specific objectives that we plan to enable in this
spec, and that is keeping us from having a strong focus and clarity of vision.
Let's meet on IRC and settle some of the outstanding questions once and for

I'm in the EST/EDT time zone and work from 8:00AM to usually around 7:00PM.
What is a good time for people to meet? If there are no objections, I am
thinking that Saturday (around 1:00PM EST) would be a good time. Please send
time suggestions to the list, along with an idea if you will be attending.

I'd assume that the GIMP network would be acceptable, #wm-spec?


Nathan P. Clemons                       "Peace favor your code."
nathan@windsofstorm.net                 ICQ: 2810688
IN CONSTRUCTION:                        http://gnome.windsofstorm.net

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