Re: window captions

On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Matthias Ettrich wrote:

> I have a question.
> Some window managers (including kwm) unify window captions. If the user opens
> three xterms, she will end up with "xterm", xterm <2>" and "xterm <3>".
> For well understandable reasons, any taskbar, pager or windowlist should
> enumerate the windows exactly in the same way. But how? I don't think a window
> manager is or shall be allowed to modify the WM_NAME propery directly (possible
> race conditions), so kwm used another property for that.
> What are you guys doing to solve the problem?

this problem hasn't been adressed in the tasklist implementation yet.
what order do you number equally named tasks in? probably mapping order,
and that is available through the _NET_CLIENT_LIST property.
so what about putting a recommendation into the spec to number
equally named tasks by the order they appear in the client list, starting
out with 1 (or 2 and leave the first client unnumbered)?

> Matthias


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