I was reading the draft spec and this caught my attention:


    Array of two cardinals that define the top left corner of the
    current view. For window managers that don't support paged
    desktops, this is always (0,0). If a client wants to change the
    desktop viewport, it can send a _NET_DESKTOP_VIEWPORT client
    message to the root window (type _NET_DESKTOP_VIEWPORT, format 32,
    l[0]=<new x>, l[1]=<new y>). 

I think this has the same problem as the current spec: some window
managers have separate current views on each desktop; some have a
global current view that's applied to all desktops

But the pager has no way of knowing which behaviour is being used, and
so can't accurately tell which view is active on each desktop

A possible solution is to make this property an array of pairs, one per


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