hi all,

raster's original gnome-pager implementation announces the existance of a
pager to the window manager through a _GNOME_PAGER_ACTIVE property on one
of the pagers windows.
as far as i could figure, enlightenment uses this property to know whether
it should display iconified tasks on the desktop or not (in case the
property exists).
what i'd like to know now is
- do we want such a property in the new spec as well?
- since pager and task list implementations can be seperate (the
  pager only showing visible tasks and the taskbar providing
  buttons for iconified tasks) this should better be
  _NET_TASKLIST_ACTIVE, if at all (see next point)
- since taskbars may or may not show iconified tasks, depending on
  their configuration, and multiple taskbars/pagers may be present,
  even varying between desktops, i guess what we really want is a root
  window property _NET_WM_HANDLED_ICONICS that may be altered by
  pagers/taskbars, indicating whether the wm is supposed to show off
  iconified tasks or not
- what other reasons are there for window managers to know if
  an external pager/taskbar is present?


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