Re: Suggestion: Gravity and resizing from the left

On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 09:49:24PM -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Dominik Vogt <> writes:
> > I've spent the morning experimenting with this in fvwm.  Your
> > approach suffers from the same problem: if you resize the frame
> > window first when the window gets bigger, you will se the WM
> > border flashing instead of e.g. a scrollbar.  That's nor any
> > better.  
> The ordering of resizes is rather incidental to my 
> recommendation. The important part is using a MoveResize
> on the client window instead of moving the frame window
> and then reszing the client window.

The hard part was to get the decoration windows into
the picture.  I'm a bit disappointed about tha applications.
I tried xterm, rxvt (with backgroiund pixmap), netscape,
xman and xv and none of the is intelligent enough to
reduce redrawing based on the areas that have been exposed.
rxvt 2.7.1 has some improved ConfigureNotify code, but I
didn't try that yet.  I must say that the six hours I needed
were not very well spent; opaque resizing is still
worthless except for selected applications.  Netscape
4.61 for example freaks out completely.  I have seen it
redrawing for about thirty seconds after I released the
mouse because it's too stupid to throw away all but the last
ConfigureNotify event in a row.

> That is, the appearance of the borders during opaque 
> resizing depends on the resize sequence, and the best
> sequence there probably depends on the exact geometry
> of the frame windows and decorations, but using 
> MoveResizeWindow and static gravity to move the client
> window should be relatively universal.

Static Gravity seems to be broken with XFree
At least it doesn't work on grandchildren of top level

Dominik ^_^

Dominik Vogt,

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