Re: Application modal transients windows

Matthias Ettrich wrote:
> > ->  Isn't  a transient window on top of the group anyway? I thought a root transient
> > ->  window is supposed to stay  on top of all windows (except other root transient
> > ->  windows....)
> >
> > it's not "meant": to do anything.. thats completely WM dependant - it
> > can do what it likes with the transient hints :)
> Did I expect a different answer from you? :-)) Nevertheless I would be
> interested what other WMs "usually" do with this, say, in their default
> configuration  (granted this behaviour is configurable).

icewm keeps windows with TRANSIENT_FOR above their owner (always). If
Mwm MODAL hint is set, the parent window will not be focusable.

I plan to implement TRANSIENT_FOR=None/Root by keeping the window the
window above other windows in group. If Mwm APP-MODAL hint will be set,
other windows in group will not be focusable.

I think something similiar is wanted by Acroread (mwm), but it currently
missing from my machine and I can't test. The behavior that annoys me is
that acroread raises the window if not above the owner window (Qt
is(was?) similarly broken).

I plan to add an option to keep owner and transient windows together in
Z-order like Windows and OS/2 do (I forgot what mwm does).

... GUI: WPS.

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