Re: Decorations (again)

On  8 Nov, Paul Warren scribbled:
->  On Sat, 6 Nov 1999 wrote:
->  > On  6 Nov, Matthias Ettrich scribbled:
->  > ->  Raster, last time we talked about that you mentioned you have other window
->  > ->  groups in mind. Any suggestions?
->  > 
->  > Definitely:
->  > Filemanager view window (you might not want certain decorations on a
->  > filemanager view window)
->  Why not?  What is special about a filemanager view window?
eg: the WM may haveth ability for the titlebar to be an entry box - and
the user can change the title... if the title changes to a new path..
the fm canges that windows view to that path...

if the tile changes withthe the fm changing it the fm will try that pth.
this doent exist.. but i dont rule it out - trhus if the fm requests
such a window border and theWM is capable of it it can provide a border
with a titlebar as a text entry widget - also it could strip some
decoration elements that dont have too much usefulness in the context
of a filemanager window. - eg the WM may consider a filemanage window
to only need one button - close. we coudl argue policy forever - thats
up to the wm - but if you give mre information the WM has a better
chance of making a decision thats better.

->  > Pager window (kwm and E both use separate windows for the pager(s) so a
->  > different border woudl be useful)
->  Can they not be classified as tool windows?

hmm that depends - if you look at E's pager windows - by default brushe
dmetals have a small handle on th3e side fi clicked will shad ena
unshade horizontally - a way of hiding the pager out of the way and
being able to get it back at a single click. they also have no titlebar
text sinc ei dont see it as sueful sicne the text is just "0" "1" "2"
etc. and the image int he pager tells you what desktop it is anyway...

->  > Iconbox (E uses a separate iconbox to hold iconfied window s- fvwm2 has
->  > the similar module - the Icon Manager window)
->  What would this mean for the wm?

the WM coudl dock the windows, disallow iconification of the iconbox
window, give it just a thin border ina corner...

again.. the more information the better.

->  > Menus (for "pinned menus" ala Tk, Gtk's pinnable menus etc.)
->  I think that that is definitely a useful type.
->  Paul

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