Re: Application modal transients windows

On  5 Nov, Paul Warren scribbled:
->  On Fri, 5 Nov 1999 wrote:
->  > On  5 Nov, Paul Warren scribbled:
->  > ->  That was my feeling.  We already intend to bend the ICCCM wrt coloured
->  > ->  icons.  
->  > 
->  > I thought we were using raw RGBA data for icons in an X property? ...
->  Erm.  I have absolutely no idea on this issue.  The above comment was
->  based entirely on what is written on 
->  I don't claim to understand it :-)

damn.. i rememebr talking about that long ago and agreeing on raw RGBA
data because its liekly the WM wont be using the default root visual -
especially on multi-depth since in most cases the default visual is the
one thats ,less capable. it also removes any ability for the icons to
have anti-aliasing, soft shadows etc. - RGBA data can easily encompass
anything you can do with a pixmap but can do more.

if the wm doesnt have an RGBA backend one will appear as an X extension
in the future anyway... so if you dont want to write the code to trnder
it.. you wont have to... and to write naevee (perhaps not so fast code)
to render it into apixmap - even withotu dithering and alpah blending -
just thresholding, is pretty trivial.

i'd prefer a standard that thinks ahead and doesn't do things just
because it's cheap and convenient. 

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