Avoiding docks and autohide windows

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> Avoiding docks & autohide windows
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> Auto hide windows:
> It has been suggested that more support is needed for autohide windows,
> specifically the ability to hide / unhide windows that are obscured by
> other windows.  Dominic has proposed a mechanism for this, using
> _NET_WM_WINDOW_HIDDEN/REVEALED, whereby a hidden window can request an
> invisible "input area" which it gets notification of the mouse entering.
> One advantage of this is that it would allow an auto-hide panel to be
> completely hidden (an extra pixel for maxmised windows ;-).  
> Dominic points out two problems:
> [...]
> What do people feel about this proposal?  (Dominic describes it fully in
> his post on 27 Oct, Re: layer and strut hints are unnecessary.)

If nobody else has an opinion on this point, I suggest that we exclude it
from the first release of the spec - it can be added at a later date
without breaking anything.  Whilst it would be neat, I don't think it is
core functionality.


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