Re: Spec Purpose and Definition

> It's still a hint, only given while beeing mapped. The wm may obey or ignore
> it. Applications _should_ be allowed to define its own window layout policy.
> ICCCM encourages that with the USPos hints, unfortunately ICCCM doesn't have a
> concept of one of the most important attributes: maximized. This is why we have
> to add it.

IIRC the set of ICCCM window states once contained a zoomed state. This
has been removed for some reasons, I don't know exactly which, but some
possible reasons would be: 

* not all wms support the concept of maximized;  
* it is not at all clear how maximized should be handled: 
  Is there only one maximized state, or can you independently max 
  horizontally and vertically ? 
  Does a maximized window remember its original geometry (suddenly 
  windows have two geometries) ?

I know that virtually all wms support the concept nowadays, but they
do it in different ways (fvwm for instance, allows you to "maximize"
to an arbitrary size - maximizing here mainly means save the orig 
geometry and restore it later. But fvwm doesn't do h/v max independently)

But I agree that we should extend the range of standard hints to
cover more of the standard feature set of modern wms. 

Matthias Clasen, 
Tel. 0761/203-5606
Mathematisches Institut, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg

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