I'm Troumad, a french Linux user


I'm a french Linux user Linux, but I want give my program for the windows user. I'm french, and I don't speak english very good. It' very difficult for me to understand english.

I have a big problem. You can see the history of this problem here :

My program compile and run only if I don't nead *gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new . Why ? *
If I use *gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new, I have this error :

(perso.exe:392):  GLib-GIO-CRITICAL**:  Settings schema'org.gtk.Settings.FileCho
oser'  isnot  installed

(perso.exe:392):  GLib-GObject-CRITICAL**:  g_object_ref:  assertion `G_IS_OBJECT
(object)' failed

You can find my program in :
- http://troumad.org/Mes_regles/perso3.zip : It's my project for code::blocks and mageia2. - http://troumad.org/Mes_regles/perso_ubuntu.zip : It's my project for code::blocks and ubuntu.

All time, there is a makefile, if you don't use code::blocks.
Amicalement vOOotre              Troumad Alias Bernard SIAUD
mon site : http://troumad.org : AD&D maths WEB...
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