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valac takes Vala code, analyzes it, and generates C code accordingly. What hinders it from making it the 
other way (taking c code which heavily uses GLib, and turning it into Vala Code)? Also, whould prove 
correctness, as doing Vala to C and then C to Vala should produce similar code.
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I've just started using Vala, but I think I can take a stab at your questions.

Vala is compiled to C, C is not compiled to Vala. Therefore, I don't
think there would be an easy and automated way to convert C code into
Vala code.

Does that make sense?


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I'll resend this, hoping for an answer :D

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Is it possible that, having a program written in C, making full use of GLib, a conversion from c to vala 
would be plausible? Obviously, rewrite the application should be the way to go, but at least for giving an 
overview of how the new design may look, especially if you did not write the app, such feature would be 
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