Re: [Vala] run the metho1 from the method2 of class2

2012/9/11 "Luis L. Rodríguez Oro" <luisr uci cu>

Hi all, please help me.

what is the best way to run the metho1 from the method2 of class2. I need
to change the interface from the class2. This example is illustrative only.

Please help me.

class main_window: Window{
   private Entry obj_entry;
   private Class2 class2;
   public main_window(){
     obj_entry = ... as Entry;

   public method1(args...){
      obj_entry.text = "ok";

class Clas2{
  private method2(args....){

You want to call main_window::method1() from within Clas2::method2(), is
that correct?
Well, you cannot call non-static methods without an object,
so you will need a reference to main_window within your Clas2 object
to call method1() on. As this will setup a circular reference, you should
declare it weak, as in

 private weak main_window main_window_ref;

in Clas2, then pass the "this" reference when you create your main_window
Then you can call any public method on it from Clas2.

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